Auburn University’s campus is typically filled with students, visitors, and fans. After an Auburn Athletics win, you can expect to see one of two sights at Toomer’s Corner, the intersection between Auburn’s campus and downtown Auburn. The area will either be mostly empty with the exception of a few sad stragglers that are walking back home and to their cars in defeat or it will be filled, shoulder-to-shoulder, with tens of thousands of fans crowding around and tossing toilet paper at the signature Auburn Oaks.

Rolling Toomer’s Corner is one of the long-standing rituals the Auburn Family experiences. This tradition is one that many Auburn fans hold near and dear to their hearts, but few truly know how it got its start as the method for validating an Auburn win.

When purchasing a home there are many extra warranty and coverages that you should consider to ensure that you and your home are both protected. Home warranties are one aspect that you will need to decide on when purchasing a home.

Both Auburn & Opelika are very supportive of you bringing your furry friend to tag along with you when you go out-and-about.

Here at Holland Homes Sales we understand the importance of your entire family being comfortable where you live, including your four legged friend. Everything is also more fun when your pet is with you, so check out this list of awesome dog-friendly places to take your pet in Auburn & Opelika:

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