When planning on buying a home, location is one of the most important factors to consider. Holland Homes has a multitude of communities located in great locations. Depending on where you find your dream home, there are plenty of areas to explore nearby. From day trips to weekend getaways, there are many places nearby Holland Homes communities that would allow for each of those plans to become a reality. Here are our favorite getaways near Holland Homes communities:

Whether it is your first time buying or your tenth, the process of buying and selling a house is not easy. The good news is, you are not in it alone! You will have someone to guide you through every step of the way during your home buying journey. You want to work with someone who is an expert in their field and has your best interest in mind. You want your agent to find you the best-priced house or sell yours for top dollar. So what makes a good real estate agent? A good real estate agent is someone pleasant, dependable, smart, and has the tools to get the job done well.

What amenities does your house have that make it feel like home? There are a variety of different factors that can make your house feel like home. Whether it's a pool or a dog park in or near your neighborhood, there are different aspects that could make it feel like your home. Understanding the difference between a house and home is important when trying to find your dream home.

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