Moving can be overwhelming. The key to making this process just a bit easier is preparation and planning. At Holland Homes Sales, we have plenty of knowledge of the moving process and want to share some simple tips to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

It is no secret that Auburn, Alabama is a great place to live, but Livability’s Top 100 Places to Live solidified that for everyone this year. Auburn is full of southern hospitality and charm, and everyone will know your name in this tight-knit community. With over 60,000 residents, Auburn is a small town, and is just a few hours drive to the beach and large cities including Atlanta, Montgomery and Birmingham.

Auburn has it all! Here are a few reasons why you and your family need to make the move to the loveliest village in the plains!

Selling a home is a huge task. At Holland Homes Sales, we want to make this process a little easier. Although there are many steps to successful selling your home, here are some common questions about the beginning of the selling process.

Buying a house is a lot to wrap your head around. It can be hard to understand the process as a whole, so we believe it is much easier to break it down into steps.

Here is a short compilation of questions concerning the first phase of buying a home:

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