Spring is commonly known as the best time of the year to sell a home. A fresh start calls for a perfect time for buyers to purchase a new home! The weather is warming up, school is coming to an end and things are winding down, yet fresh beginnings are arising. The pool of buyers is often larger around springtime, so it’s crucial to be prepared for that if you’re selling your home during the spring. Redefining your space for selling a home can help you in this popular market. There are steps you can take toward making sure your house is ready for selling, and fun tips that can help your house accommodate the season. The various ways to add character to your home can be neutral, simple, and easy to change.

1. Spring Cleaning

Decluttering and creating room for the future owners of your house will help you in the market immensely. Buyers often look for space to create their own personalized visions. They are also looking to see that the place is clean, neat, and to their liking. Strive to make sure there’s not a speck of dust anywhere. The buyers will notice if your floors sparkle and shine or if there’s lots of closet or storage space. Cabinets, storage spaces, nightstands, and pantries are easy to forget about when it comes to cleaning. Decluttering can also mean depersonalizing things within your home. Instead of your photos or kids’ artwork lined across walls, maybe think about switching those in for something neutral for customers, or some modern art they may find appealing.

2. Freshen Up

Springtime calls for fresh beginnings and newness swirling in the air. It’s also beneficial to incorporate freshness into your home. When people visit model homes, they will take a good look at whether or not things seem intact. It may be time to glaze over that chipped paint or tighten those loose knobs on that one dresser. In fact, making sure all the knobs in your home are working accordingly can help you be prepared for visitors. Make sure there’s no need for roof repairs, cracks anywhere, or stains on any floors, carpets, or furniture. The little things that go unnoticed are often what buyers are keeping an eye out for. These small changes can leave your home looking new and fresh, and can actually make a huge difference.

3. Easy Additions

It never hurts to add a vase of flowers to your home for sale or to add a colorful painting or two. These bursts of color and floral scents can subconsciously make people fall more in love with your home and instantly feel more welcomed. Especially around springtime, it’s easier to find fun flowers and arrange them in bouquets for visitors. Springtime candles that smell of sunshine and citrus aren’t a bad idea either. Don’t be afraid to let sunlight into your home, to lighten it up for your guests and allow the warmth to filter in. An addition to your home can be as easy as adding a fun welcome mat to your entryway or a spring-related wreath or sign to a door. Spring decorating can also include adding patterned pillows or fun and unique plants. It can be fun to get creative with these affordable additions to your home.

4. A New Perspective

Staging is helpful when you’re planning on selling your home. It can help transform your household into more of a model home, and one that people will want to live in. Walk into your home with a new perspective. Pretend you’re planning on possibly buying this home, and this is your first time seeing it. Ask yourself questions as you enter. Would you want the furniture rearranged? Would you want more space for yourself and your family? These questions will help you to figure out what you think should be changed or whether or not you want to stage a room. This new perspective will help give you a different take on your household. This will help you maximize the potential for the new model home.

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