A home is the single largest financial investment most people will ever make, so choosing the right home builder is a very important first step. Here are five traits that all reliable home builders possess that will guarantee you’re on the right track to your dream home.

1. A Home Builder Should Be Experienced

It’s no surprise homeowners want a quality home that lasts for years to come. Customers should look for respected home builders with proven experience and a track record of success to make that happen. Look for home builders who can provide a portfolio, a website, or a printout of past projects to see if they’re the right fit for you. It’s even better if they can provide positive testimonials or connect you with a previous customer to chat about their interactions with the home builder and how their construction has been holding up. Dependable home builders who are proud of their work should have no problem providing you with this information.

2. A Home Builder Should Be Honest

Every home builder should be honest and transparent about the timeline, materials, costs, and potential roadblocks that may arise during a build. The construction industry has earned an unfortunate reputation for “nickel and diming” customers. No one wants several unexpected costs added to what’s already a large project. While they may not be able to predict everything, a home builder who effectively manages their construction projects and the finances involved can avoid making the same mistake twice, which can lessen added costs. Home builders can also use project management software to show their commitment to transparency and let you feel involved in every step of the build. Homeowners are much more likely to choose a home builder who offers honest upfront pricing and transparency throughout the process.

3. A Home Builder Should Be Professional

Buyers should look for a home builder that’s a true professional in their craft. They need to be able to talk to you about any aspect of the process you’re curious about in plain language so you can have a full understanding before you trust them to get to work. If the home builder really knows what they’re talking about, they’ll show their knowledge and expertise without making it confusing for you. They should also have the proper insurance coverages and licenses in case something doesn’t go according to plan and be open to showing you this information. Extended warranties give us a sense of security and suggest that a home builder is confident in their work, completed thoroughly and solidly to avoid later defect repairs. Home builders should be able to show up when they promise to, make deadlines without surrendering quality, understand your vision, prioritize your expectations, fit within budgets, and have great attention to detail. A home builder who values contingency measures will have a backup plan in place for anything that might arise to ensure your work will always be completed to your satisfaction.

4. A Home Builder Should Be Communicative

Home builders with excellent communication skills can relieve some of the stress involved with the process. You should be kept informed on how the project is moving along and what’s scheduled next. Nothing is too mundane of an update, especially if this is a customer's first time going through the process. Keeping open communication to build a professional relationship can even avoid conflicts in the project. If you have questions about areas outside of the home builder's scope of the project, they should be able to point you in the right direction or share their reliable contacts. Additionally, if you’re feeling indecisive or stuck on an aspect of the planning, great home builders can help you with creative and practical ideas based on what you visualize for your home.

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