Whether it is your first time buying or your tenth, the process of buying and selling a house is not easy. The good news is, you are not in it alone! You will have someone to guide you through every step of the way during your home buying journey. You want to work with someone who is an expert in their field and has your best interest in mind. You want your agent to find you the best-priced house or sell yours for top dollar. So what makes a good real estate agent? A good real estate agent is someone pleasant, dependable, smart, and has the tools to get the job done well.

What traits should you look for in your real estate agent? Finding the perfect match may be harder than you expect. This guide from Holland Homes Sales was made to help you find the perfect real estate agent with a full set of skills and qualities to look for in your real estate agent.

1. Drive and Initiative

It is important to find real estate agents that are driven by a cause. Look for someone with passion or purpose that involves helping people. You cannot teach this type of skill, it is more natural. This is the reason someone wants to be a real estate agent and how they can help you best. Drive also comes with other qualities such as honesty, integrity, transparency, and more.

2. Curiosity

Most of what your agent says to you when you first meet should be questions. It shouldn’t be a pitch or their resume. This is how they will get to know what your wants and needs are for your new home or highlights of your old home. This can make you feel comfortable that you are not being persuaded or influenced. Everyone can win with a curious agent.

3. Honesty and Persistence

The best brokers are more concerned about their long-term relationships with their clients. They should have strong morals and ethics allowing them to be 100% honest with you. There is a line with persistence though. If your agent crosses this line, they might come off as annoying. They should have a balance between both to get you the best results possible from buying or selling.

4. Transparency

They should know their most important duty is you, the client. They should remain professional and transparent to you when discussing anything. A win-win situation can only happen when the information is transferred and understood by both parties.

5. Underlying Passion

When selecting an agent, it's important to have outspoken communication, deep knowledge of the market, comprehension of numbers, and more things mentioned above. Once you find all of these qualities, it is important to make sure they have a passion for real estate. Without passion, the other qualities fail to meet the standards of the best real estate agents.

6. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is what makes a real estate agent above average. They must be able to comprehend and understand their clients to solve their real estate problems. They should have attentive, relevant, and meaningful solutions to your issues.

7. Trustworthiness

You must trust your real estate agent. Make sure your agent is someone who has shown you they can professionally conduct themselves. When your investments are the subject, it is very important to trust who you are dealing with throughout the process.

8. Experience

You should be able to trust their experience. There are so many numbers, information coming from everywhere, but it is easy to educate yourself on the basics. You need to have someone with experience to take care of the things you may not comprehend. They should be able to deal with little issues that may pop up along the way and experience may be the best way to learn your way around nuances.

9. Responsiveness

No matter how busy your agent is, the best ones will always have time for their clients. If something is urgently happening, you need a quick response from your agent. You are going to have many questions along the way, so it is important they can communicate these answers to you in a timely manner.

10. Good Energy

The final and one of the most essential qualities of a real estate agent is having good energy. They should be down-to-earth and positive when speaking with you because they have your best interest at heart. You should be able to trust them, and their energy reveals this about them.

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