The “Auburn Family” is a concept many have heard of, but only those who experience it can attest to why it is held to be something so special. Living in the Auburn/Opelika area is an experience unlike any other and could be right for you. There are so many great reasons to live in the Auburn/Opelika area, including a unified community, small-town feel, and quality restaurants and shops.

A Unified Community

One benefit of a university being nearby is that many Auburn/Opelika residents are long-time Auburn fans or former students who stuck around for the love of the town. Whether you’re an Auburn fan or not, the shared opportunity to root for the home team is an experience that brings Auburn/Opelika residents together year-round. The idea of southern hospitality is not lost on the area and the people that live here. Going the extra mile for your neighbor is a common occurrence, random acts of kindness are frequent, and at the end of the day, people just genuinely enjoy living here.

The idea of the “Auburn Family” means something different to everyone who experiences it, but there is a common theme of unification and loving your neighbor. This ideal runs deep all throughout the city and surrounding areas, making it a great atmosphere to be in. Those that live here testify to a community that quickly feels like home and constantly supports one another. For the town you call home, this is exactly how you should feel.

Small-Town Feel

Boasting well over 150,000 residents, Auburn-Opelika may not be classified as a “small-town” at first glance. However, when visiting Auburn, the small-town charm is evident at every turn you take. From the endearing downtown areas to the beautiful greenery spanning the city, it is so easy to fall in love with Auburn-Opelika. Auburn and its surrounding areas offer the perfect balance of small-town coziness without compromising on excitement.

While Auburn may feel on the smaller side when you’re here, its proximity to places that boast hustle and bustle is just convenient enough. With a short drive to Atlanta and Birmingham, your big city fix is just a short car ride away. Our location is one that can’t be beaten, with natural attractions nearby, and the option of a beach or mountain vacation in either direction of the city. Auburn balances the small-town environment while also having the added bonus of constant entertainment. Auburn-Opelika frequently hosts events that promote a sense of community and allow you to enjoy the city you reside in.

Quality Restaurants and Shops

Let’s face it, the real things that matter about where you choose to live are the attractions, right? Arguably one of the best things about Auburn-Opelika is its array of fantastic places to dine and shop. Downtown Auburn features several attractions and shops in one convenient strip that provides an exciting experience each time you visit. Downtown Opelika also offers its own set of restaurants, shops, coffee shops, and even concert venues for you and your family’s enjoyment. Each city has its own exciting destinations to discover, ensuring you never run out of things to do while living here.

Some of our personal favorite places to dine in the Auburn-Opelika area include The Hound, Hamilton’s on Magnolia, Tacorita, Irish Bred Pub, and Zazu Gastropub. For shopping, we recommend boutiques like Behind the Glass, Fabrik, or Wrapsody in downtown Auburn, or Fringe, a unique consignment boutique in downtown Opelika. You may also enjoy visiting a wide variety of coffee shops such as Well Red, Mama Mocha’s, or Sidetrack. There is truly no end to the ways to enjoy this unique area, and we are certain you can make Auburn-Opelika home for you.

How Holland Homes Sales Can Help

Because our business has been based in Auburn-Opelika for several years, we are experts in the area and would love to convey why it is so special to us. We are well-equipped with restaurant and shopping recommendations and advice on how to get plugged into the community. We at Holland Homes Sales would love to help you experience Auburn-Opelika living in one of our beautiful homes to ensure you feel at home as quickly as possible. Contact us today to discuss purchasing a Holland Home.

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