There is no secret that moving day can be seen as one of the most daunting days in one’s life. Many people experience this, in fact, an American could move about 11.4 times on average in their lifetime. It is hard for the excitement of moving into your new renovation or build not to be overshadowed by the stress of putting your whole life into boxes. The key to a successful and stress-free move is to be prepared and to have a plan. By following these tips, your moving process will be a dream and not a nightmare!

Time is of the Essence

Moving is quite the time intensive task. A simple way to minimize anxiety with your move is to plan on having around 2 months (3 if possible) to thoroughly focus on each step and make sure no stone is left unturned. Although, life happens, and sometimes a move may come up out of the blue or maybe you are even looking for a quick move in. Even though 8 weeks is still a great guideline to aim for, if unforeseen circumstances arise, you can still minimize stress by using your short amount of time wisely. Making a to-do list for each week or day of what tasks must be completed will assure you do not fall behind.

Helpful Tip: Put packing lesser used rooms, such as your guest room or storage rooms, earlier on the list before kitchen, bedroom and bathroom areas.

Should It Stay or Should It Go?

One of your first steps before you begin packing should be to clean out your current space of any unwanted clothes, furniture and other items. It is important to go through this process before your move so once you arrive in your new space, you are left with only the objects that absolutely need to be there. You can donate items, recycle them to create an updated addition for your new space, or set up a garage sale to earn a little extra cash towards your move. Once you are left with your final items, create an inventory list to help you track everything that needs to be moved, then categorize them into which rooms they will go into in your new home.

Set Aside Your Valuables

The ultimate moving nightmare would be losing track of where your valuable paperwork, jewelry, and other items are located. The best way to avoid this problem would be to set these items aside first in their own special bin. Put valuable paper items such as birth certificates, passports, and social security cards in a folder that can be added to the bin with your other belongings. Keep this box in your bedroom or a spot where you can easily remember where it lives throughout the process. You can move this item yourself instead of adding it to the moving van or load it last so it is the first box to be taken out.

Organize, Organize, Organize

This is the step where many people begin to feel overwhelmed. Before putting items into boxes, look at your inventory list and put your belongings into categories of where they will be going in your new house, not where they currently reside. This way when you are taking boxes off of the van and into your new space, each one will be placed where it needs to go off the bat instead of having to rearrange later. A simple way to save some marker ink while labeling the boxes is to pick up some colored stickers. Assigning each room a color and placing the stickers on the boxes accordingly will help you become organized fast! In your new house, place the assigned stickers on the door of each room so movers and family members will also know where each box goes.

Helpful Tip: Pack up a suitcase with outfits and toiletries for a couple days for when you first move in. This way you will have some essentials set aside for your first few days of unpacking without having to dig through other boxes to find your daily necessities.

Strategize Your Unpacking

Your move doesn’t end with loading up the truck and car, it is important to have a strategy associated with unpacking as well. By following the previous steps, you should have set yourself up for success at this point. Now is where you locate your valuable items box and your essentials suitcase then get to work! Schedule off a bit of time each day to focus on unpacking, even if you are only able to find 30 free minutes. It can also be helpful to unpack one room at a time so you don’t feel like you are drowning in multiple half-finished rooms. A good rule of thumb for unpacking order is kitchen first, followed by bedrooms, bathrooms, and then commonspaces.

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