Selling your home can be a very stressful process that feels like a mammoth task. With all of the tension that comes from this process, oftentimes we miss out on a considerable amount of easy steps that can help you sell your house more quickly and get a better return on investment. Here are our key tips that will help you mark your property as sold!

First Impressions (Curb Appeal)

Most people realize that first impressions are a big deal when it comes to home buying, but still fail to capitalize on improving their curb appeal. Even if the inside of your home is gorgeous, the home buyer has likely already made a strong judgement of the property before they even walk through the door.

Here are several steps that you can take to improve the curb appeal of your house:

  • Pressure wash - Whether it is the side of your house or the driveway, pressure washing can make a huge difference in making your house appear clean and new.
  • Groom the yard - Grooming the yard means more than just cutting the grass and raking the leaves. Go the extra mile by edging the grass on the curb, trimming your bushes, and planting a few flowers or plants if you have an appropriate place for them.
  • Remove any eye sores - Make sure there isn’t anything visible when people drive up that might create a poor judgment of your property. For example… trash cans, older vehicles,

Make Repairs

If you are questioning whether or not to make a repair, you probably should. When home buyers see things that need to be repaired it can be a huge turn off, especially if the repairs are expensive. Try to fix leaky faucets, sticky cabinets, and replace anything else damaged in sight.

Knowing that the home buyer won’t have to repair anything after move in will give them a sigh of relief and make them much more optimistic about potentially purchasing your home.


When selling your house, be smart in deciding whether or not you should complete certain renovations. All decisions are situational, but if there is a significant eye-sore that is detracting from your home, or decreasing the potential value, then it is probably a good idea to consider a renovation. Renovations don’t need to be expensive, it can be as simple as creating more effective use of space in certain areas, revamping your cabinetry, or updating your entryway. To set up a consultation about a possible renovation, contact us today or browse our website to learn about our process for renovating homes.


To increase your opportunities, your home staging efforts should be designed to appeal to the widest possible range of buyers. Keep things simple and take the easy steps that make your house appear satisfactory. Several important factors are making sure your house is clean, open, organized, and well lit.

Take a step back and pretend that you are seeing each room for the first time. Is each room clean, organized, open and well lit? This can be a great test to maximize the potential of each room in the house.

After seeing the room from a new lense, take steps necessary to create improvement. For example you may rearrange the room to make it more open or change the lightbulbs to a higher wattage, so that it lights up the room more.

According to hgtv, another simple act that you should incorporate is to pack up things that are personal to you. Home buyers are entering your home trying to see if they have a future there. It can make it more difficult to envision themselves living there if they see an abundant amount of your personal items.

An additional thing that people might not consider is pets. Some people may not be as keen as you are about your pets, especially if they have had poor experiences with animals in the past. The safe option is to keep your pets somewhere else, even if your pet is friendly. This will help the home buyer to be focused on your house instead of your animals.

We hope these tips help you sell your home today. If you are thinking about selling your home, we can assist! Please explore Holland Homes Sales to learn more about our process. If you are considering building a new home or making renovations to your current home, we would love to meet with you to discuss your needs. Holland Homes creates custom homes for every type of family and deliver a unique experience. Call us today at 334-332-7157 to set up a consultation or browse our website to learn about our process for renovations and building new homes.

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