If you’re trying to sell your house while buying your next home, things can often become overwhelming if closings don’t align or if selling your home takes longer than you expected. Buying and selling simultaneously can be a very stressful process, which can be made easier with some forward-planning combined with a knowledgeable and caring salesforce who can help all your transactions run as smoothly as possible.

Holland Homes and Holland Homes Sales is your one-stop-shop for all building, buying and selling needs. If you need to sell your home in order to get into the dream home we have waiting for you, we can help you list your old home. We can also assist with contingent listings, ensuring that the buyer meets all necessary conditions, such as home inspections or loan approval, before the sale can be finalized.

Life is busy. Amid work and family commitments, buying and selling can often be too much to take on. Working with Holland Homes Sales will help ease the transition and provide you with peace of mind knowing that our sales team is looking out for you. We guarantee consistent communication with everyone involved and promise to deliver the outstanding Holland Homes experience that we are known for.

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