The nationally ranked Auburn school system is the perfect reason for families, of all ages, to relocate to Auburn. Children have the ability to receive a quality education from highly regarded schools from a young age. Auburn City Schools are housed on 11 different campuses with 1 high school, 1 junior high, 1 middle school, and 8 elementary schools.

Education is something the Auburn City and local community value greatly, constantly advocating to improve relevant initiatives and facilities for public schools in the area. Auburn City Schools has been the fastest growing school district in Alabama over the last five years and continues to grow and prosper with the use of new technology and constant support from the community.

Many students from all over the country come to Auburn to attend Auburn University and this comprises a significant percentage of the population. There is also a large international population in the area as a result of students and employees attending or working at the university. The diversity that is brought to town as a result of the university fosters a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

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Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau

The Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau website has a wealth of knowledge about events, activities, and destinations in our area.


Auburn Chamber of Commerce

The Auburn Chamber of Commerce provides resources and leadership to strengthen the Auburn business community and create a thriving business environment.


Auburn City Schools

Auburn has one of the best school systems in the state of Alabama. Learn more about the school system on their website.


Community Profile

The City of Auburn's Economic Development office maintains a comprehensive community profile with a wealth of information about Auburn.


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